Untitled, 2016, stone, h – 170 cm Sculpture
Untitled, 2016, stone, h – 170 cm Sculpture
Italy 2016, Valle Aurina Sculpture
Luxemburg, 2016 Sculpture
302 Sculpture
300 Sculpture
Joined by mind, snow ,6x3x3 m , Michigan ,Frankenmuth, USA Sculpture
298 Sculpture
Human,steel , Park of Palpala,185cm, Argentina 2008 Sculpture
296 Sculpture
295 Sculpture
Union,steel and wood, 220x130x160,P.G.de S.M ,Argentina 2008 Sculpture
Permanent Exhibition,Museum of Contemporary Art,Volterra,Pisa,Italy Sculpture
284 Sculpture
Loking inside,alebastr of sicilia and tuskany,Volterra ,Pisa,Italy,160cm 2008 Sculpture
282 Sculpture
281 Sculpture
Hokkaido,JAPAN,Worl Ice Sculpture Fest, 2,5 m,2008 Sculpture
275 Sculpture
monument of Korovin and Shalapin ,Gurzuf,Ukriane Sculpture
rider ,stone 165 cm 2000 Sculpture
338 Sculpture
337 Sculpture
Born and Death,h=3 m, China Sculpture
272 Sculpture
Human,steel , Park of Palpala, Jijuy,Argentina Sculpture
270 Sculpture
269 Sculpture
268 Sculpture
Union,steel and wood, 220x130x160 cm,Park of Puerto General de San Martin,Argentina Sculpture
265 Sculpture
264 Sculpture
Looking on the sky ,steel, h= 3,3 m ,Roldan Contemporary Art Museum ,Argentina Sculpture
254 Sculpture
253 Sculpture
Human,steel,70cm ,Volterra,Pisa ,Italy Sculpture
251 Sculpture
250 Sculpture
Museum of Contemporay Art,Vilterra,Pisa ,Italy Sculpture
Loking inside,alebastr of sicilia and tuskany,steel 2008,150cm ,Volterra,Pisa,Italy Sculpture
242 Sculpture
241 Sculpture
240 Sculpture
239 Sculpture
238 Sculpture
237 Sculpture
Wind, marble 2,5 X 1,1 X 0,9 m, Mersin ,Turkey Sculpture
Asahikawa,JAPAN,International Ice Sculpture Festival ,,New Humanist,, 2,5 m Sculpture
225 Sculpture
217 Sculpture
216 Sculpture
215 Sculpture
214 Sculpture
213 Sculpture
212 Sculpture
artist and model,12 inchies Sculpture
Crist Passion,40 inchies Sculpture
tango,10 inchies Sculpture
160 Sculpture
157 Sculpture
warrior on two horses,10 inchies Sculpture
horseman,11 inchies Sculpture
horseman,12 inchies Sculpture
warrior,terracota,25 inchies Sculpture
figure,terracota,35 inchies Sculpture
figure,terracota,35 inchies Sculpture
head ,terracota 10 inchies Sculpture
head ,terracota 12 inchies Sculpture
figure,painted stone,18 inchies Sculpture
projekt of monument of ,,DIED GIPSIES IN 1941-1945,, Sculpture
Horse head,stone,10 inchies Sculpture
portret,14 inchies Sculpture
International Film Festival prize,,GOLDEN FRAME,, Sculpture
siting girl,height 12 inchies Sculpture
torso ,16 inchies Sculpture
head of warrior,terracota 13 inchies Sculpture
Anna ,terracota Sculpture
Kerry,stone,15 inchies Sculpture
georgian artist Niko Pirosmani Sculpture
projekt of V.Chernovil, 35 inchies Sculpture
director A.Wajda 17 inchies Sculpture
projekt of ,,Lost jurnalists,, 60 inchies Sculpture
F.Shalapin 20 inchies Sculpture
K.Korovin,20 inchies Sculpture
monument of K.Korovin and F.Shalapyn ,Gurzuf,Crimea,2004 coauthor K.Sinisky Sculpture
126 Sculpture
portret,17 inchies Sculpture
the project of monument ,,FREEDOM,, 2000 ,marble,coauthor architect A.Gorbyk Sculpture
abstract 1, painted steel 70 inchies Sculpture
dance,steel ,waxed,30 inchies Sculpture
horseman,25 inchies Sculpture
looking round, 55 inchies Sculpture
torso,stone,15 inchies Sculpture
torso of going Sculpture