On March 5th, 2019, Michael Levchenko presented a solo exhibition “Multimedia Political Correctness, 18 +” that took place in Art Center “Chocolate House”, a branch of “Kyiv Art Gallery” National Museum.

Today, there are unimaginable hypocrisy and double standard practices in our world in matters of morality. There are also contradictions about ‘what is’ and ‘what ought to’ in terms of the information provided by the internet and other conventional media and the actual day-to-day experience of people. Especially, it does seem that a large amount of information available on the internet, television, search engines, or social media, does not truly reflect the true experiences which society presents to humanity. Hence, the political correctness of such information cannot be established. For example, in the US, people are still faced with racism, segregation, homicide, and xenophobia. The use of names as ‘Negroes’ also easily comes to mind. While you read about children forbidden from looking at naked women, the same children can watch horror movies of murder and genocide. My paintings are an attempt to correct this contradiction by exploring media cliches.