evolution of revolution web Evolution of Revolution Painting
knigth on the beach extreme summer Painting
social exgibisionism and vuaerism web Social exhibitionism, Social voyeurism Painting
2014 , oil on canvas, 
130x110 cm INCUBATION OF FEAR Painting
Horse, 2014,  oil on canvas, 130x110 cm Horse Painting
portfolio-public-art-24.jpg 24 Painting
portfolio-public-art-23.jpg 23 Painting
portfolio-public-art-22.jpg 22 Painting
portfolio-public-art-20.jpg Horse Painting
portfolio-public-art-21.jpg Horse Painting
portfolio-public-art-19.jpg 19 Painting
portfolio-public-art-18.jpg 18 Painting
portfolio-public-art-17.jpg 17 Painting
portfolio-public-art-15.jpg 15 Painting
portfolio-public-art-16.jpg 16 Painting
portfolio-public-art-14.jpg 14 Painting
portfolio-public-art-13.jpg 13 Painting
portfolio-public-art-12.jpg 12 Painting
portfolio-public-art-10.jpg death of oracle Painting
portfolio-public-art-11.jpg 11 Painting
portfolio-public-art-9.jpg Dependent on the Multimedia Painting
portfolio-public-art-8.jpg 8 Painting
portfolio-public-art-7.jpg 7 Painting
portfolio-public-art-6.jpg 6 Painting
portfolio-public-art-4.jpg 4 Painting
portfolio-public-art-5.jpg 5 Painting
portfolio-public-art-3.jpg 3 Painting
portfolio-public-art-1.jpg 1 Painting
portfolio-public-art-2.jpg 2 Painting
portfolio-painting-178.jpg VENEZIA 2006 oil ,canvas 100 x 80 sm Painting
portfolio-painting-317.jpg Madrid dream,2008 2 parts 100×80 cm total 160×100 Painting
portfolio-painting-167.jpg cloning of the beauty, 16×23 inchies Painting
portfolio-painting-176.jpg japan buda 2006 oil canvas 100×80 cm Painting
portfolio-painting-165.jpg abstract 2, 16×23 inchies Painting
portfolio-painting-166.jpg abstract 3, 16×23 inchies Painting
portfolio-painting-104.jpg 104 Painting
portfolio-painting-163.jpg abstract 1, 16×23 inchies Painting
portfolio-painting-102.jpg 102 Painting
portfolio-painting-103.jpg enter free Painting
portfolio-painting-101.jpg 101 Painting
portfolio-painting-99.jpg hair cutting in Paris Painting
portfolio-painting-100.jpg 100 Painting
portfolio-painting-97.jpg salewoman of water in Paris Painting
portfolio-painting-96.jpg in Roma,s bus Painting